About us Ta-Contento 09/09/2021

We want to pass this love and oh-so-authentic-food on to you.


Hans and Nora met at a food truck. Hans, a native of Mexico, was the food truck’s co-owner and loved sharing his food heritage with others. Nora, who moved from Bolivia to the US, was looking for the authenticity and freshness of the food she grew up cooking in her native country.

Can you guess the rest? Good for you! You’re right! Hans and Nora got married and created Ta’Contento to share their Latino culture, with you, through food. Families (abuelitas, mamas, tias, etc) show their care and love towards their loved ones with food.

Ta Contento wishes to share the love and care of their Latino food heritage with you, our growing extended familia of clientele.

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