Ta' Contento

¡Ta Contento!

Ta Contento (to be happy) delights in serving fresh Mexican food to our Chapel Hill and Chatham County communities with weekly Food Truck Locations and Catering for Special Events! Why, you ask? Ta Contento’s owners grew up in Bolivia and Mexico and cook the same way their families cooked, with a deep desire to share their love, by way of excellent food. As our extended family, we want to pass this love and oh-so-authentic-food on to you. AND, if you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, we are happy to make your food awesome. Sooo, come “be happy” with Ta Contento!

Order Online

You can order online if you want to pickup your food without waiting in lines. Vegetarian and Vegan options are available as well.

Catering Menu

Look through our menu. Get ideas. We can Cater a special event for you with fresh and authentic Mexican style appetizers, entrees, and sides.

Check the Calendar

Our Calendar let’s you know when and where we are going to be serving fresh and authentic Mexican style food from our Food Truck.

New Spring Summer Menu

Check out our spring menu!