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Ta Contento (to be happy!) delights in serving fresh Mexican food to our Chapel Hill and Chatham County communities with weekly Food Truck Locations and Catering for Special Events.

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may, 2022

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Arroz con Pollo (ACP)
Homemade corn chips with fresh guacamole
Fajita Nachos
Why choose us? Because we provide the tastiest, freshest & most delicious Mexican food in town
PICK UP order online without waiting in lines
You can order online if you want to pickup your food without waiting in lines.
EVENTS Graduation, birthdays parties and more!
EVENTS Graduation, parties and Birthdays
Ta Contento offers a wide range of delicious food that we know you’ll love.
CATERING Special events
We can cater a special event for you with fresh and authentic Mexican style appetizers, entrees, and sides.
happy customers

    5 star review  Ta Contento served our church members on a Pastor Appreciation Day this month. We feel fortunate that this highly rated business found the time to serve our smaller congregation. The food was excellent and the owners were very kind and gracious. Ms. Anaya created a personalized menu on which the artwork both listed the meal items and honored our pastor. I highly recommend Ta Contento!

    thumb Linda H.
    5 de November de 2021

    5 star review  I am always happy to hear that Nora and Hans are bringing their food truck to our area! I know that we are going to get good quality and fresh food served with the biggest hearts. Ta Contento comes to our area where some have been hit hard by rising food costs and feel alienated by the isolation one has to endure to be safe during Covid. Patrons pay what they can and mingle at a safe distance with others in the community. They give us the opportunity to get delicious food (their popular chicken soup really is THAT good and I always do a happy dance when they have their authentic smooth, full bodied flan) and check in with each other. They even agreed to bring their food truck to my nephew’s group home on short notice during the very busy holiday season putting big smiles on everyone’s faces in addition to delicious food in our bellies! Yes, the food is fresh, pungent and delicious, but I value their caring and commitment just as much! Such a great asset to the community in many ways! Thank you Nora and Hans!

    thumb smlnmyt
    5 de January de 2022

    5 star review  Awesome people, awesome food!

    thumb robert p
    27 de June de 2021

    5 star review  I love food where you can actually taste the different spices. Ta Contento is that place! While eating, I may be inwardly talking to myself, saying “ Oh wow, there’s cilantro! Oh my, here’s a taste of avocado. Chipotle! chipotle!” This is what I call fresh, piquant, smile-making food. I am not eating solely to fill myself up, but to enjoy all the different spices Ta Contento uses in their many different dishes. Also, their menu does not remain static but changes with the seasons. I love that. I feel like such a lucky camper that they come to my neighborhood on a weekly basis!

    thumb Jan Hutton
    27 de June de 2021